Error inbox redirects to explorer


For a couple of days when I’m trying to open error inbox it redirects me to the main explorer tab. Could somebody check why is this happening?

account id: 3137787

Hi, @infrastructure47: Does your account happen to be hosted in our EU data center? Errors inbox is not yet available in the EU region.

Any ETA for this feature in EU region?

Hi, @admin-monitoring: I do not have an ETA, but I am sure we will make lots of noise when it becomes available. :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately, this newrelic account is hosted in the EU data center. I was sure I have seen this page before so I wonder if it was disabled for the EU region or somehow I used the USA region before?

Hello @infrastructure47 & @admin-monitoring - I just wanted to let you know that as of last week, errors inbox is now available in the EU. More information here: