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Error: Maximum payload size exceeded



We upgraded to latest Node.js agent, 4.8.1 and getting “Error: Maximum payload size exceeded” when we try to deploy the node.js server.

We traced it to, where maxPayloadSize is undefined.

The strange thing is, only 2 of out of 13 servers failed with this error in our cluster.

I am wondering if we can set the custom config for this


Hi @ping2, I see you have a ticket open for this issue aswell, it would be great if you could post your solution back in here aswell :slight_smile:


We are also facing same issue as “maximum payload size exceeded” in one of the servers. Can you please let us know the fix?


@ping2 - Did you get a solution to your support ticket? That may help @nagamanasa.y.yarlaga with the same issue they are facing.


Hi @ping2 and @rdouglas, Can you share your findings or solution here. As we are facing the same issue.


@Yashwanthx.thollikon I just looked into the Support Ticket that @ping2 had opened. It doesn’t look like a resolution was found there. I’ll get a ticket opened for you too, as we’ll need to get some additional info to troubleshoot this.

Once you get the email informing you a ticket has been opened, could you reply to that with the information below so that we can get a quick start to troubleshooting?

  • Your newrelic.js config file.
  • The output of npm ls
  • The file where you have require('newrelic'); at the top. This should be the main file of your app (the file where you would type node <name of file> to start your app).



Hi @RyanVeitch, I got the Support Ticket in mail. I will share the additional info in the ticket and make the followups.

Thank you!


Thanks @Yashwanthx.thollikon - I’m looking forward to hearing how that goes.