Errors Inbox: Jira Integration now Available for New Relic Errors Inbox

Error tracking software is often a stand-alone solution that requires the use of additional tools to communicate and resolve issues. The added screen hopping can also mean that developers lose valuable context about the error in question. Ultimately slowing down the resolution process.

Now, you can integrate Errors Inbox to Jira, so you can continue to work and collaborate in the tools you’re already using. With this integration you can:

  • Set up templates that allow you to quick-create a Jira ticket containing the error details and links directly to the stack trace and APM for easy debugging.

  • Additionally, once a Jira ticket is created, the link to that ticket is stored alongside the associated Error Group metadata for a period of time. This means that if there’s a regression and a previously fixed error comes back to haunt you, you can quickly see the context around the original solution. Instead of a familiar looking error leaving you scratching your head trying to remember if this was the same error you’d fixed previously.

For a step-by-step guide to connect Jira with Errors inbox, check out the documentation to get started.


NEW: Check out this video for a guide to connect errors inbox with Jira Software to easily create Jira issues, or see the updated documentation.