Even though I have a free account, the banner appears asking me to add a credit


Last week, a complete full platform user was transferred and there should be one complete full platform user

You’re over the monthly free allowance of 1 user.

Please add your credit card. You’re only charged if you go over your free allowance each month.Add credit card

and go out to the burner.

Am I already charged?

Hi @hi.otsuka

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New Relic bills on just two factors: ingested data and billable users. In this doc, we’ll explain how our 2 different pricing model works, what you get for free, and other details.

Also I would suggest revising our New Relic pricing and billing doc for more details on ingested data billing and billable users. Its also worth noting New Relic accounts are 100% free to create and come with a 100GB free data per month.

Additionally I note that the accounts in question are both free accounts, once they both adhere to the free limits on free tier accounts they wont be charged. Should you choose to add extra full platform users or user more than the 100GB free data then charges would apply.

I hope this was helpful, should you have any questions or updates please do reach out.

I thought I was being asked to add a credit card because the image showed “2” billable users.
In other words, you can continue to use it for free with the same user settings, right?
Thank you for your reply.

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Hi @hi.otsuka

Can you confirm which account id you are noting this in ??

Thank you for your reply.
When I logged in with id 「1002693039」

Hi @hi.otsuka

It looks like that over the last month, there has been 3 billable users within the account, please see this link. Can you confirm you have added any other users as full platform users to the account? I do note that currently there is only 1 full platform user in the account.

I would highlight that if you add a user a full platform user and then adjust the users role to a basic role on the account they will appear as a full platform user for that month. As bills are done on a monthly time period.

Please also note the account is a free tier account, it can not be charged. The request for adding card details is a request and not a requirement on the account.

Thank you for your reply.

A billable “full” full platform user is a full platform user (administrator) and
Are Full Platform Users (Basic) included?

Are there any warnings when changing from basic user to full platform user?

When does the monthly billing period start and end?

When did the number of full platform users last month go from 1 to 3?

Hi @hi.otsuka

Please refer to the shared docs that was previously shared by me.

Additionally all pricing is highlighted on the New Relic website. Should you have any additional sales or billing questions please reach out via this link.

I am unsure of what your accounts billing period is, however its a free account so there are no charges.

I have attached a screenshot where you can see when there were users added, note this can be seen within your own account.

Wishing you a good day.

I understand.
I would like to contact you from
Thank you very much.

Hi @hi.otsuka

Happy I was able to help. Please do reach out to the link I previously provided for additional billing / sales info. Should you need additional support please do reach out.

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