Existing alerts does not trigger anymore, also getting an error when I try to edit the alert or creating a new

Existing alert(s) does not trigger the policy any more. I am also getting an error when i try to edit the alert(s) or creating a new ones.

The alert type is an “Integrations” with a selected datasource and where the defined threshold is set on a node process that if it has a value above 0 at least once in 1 minute. As you can see on the screenshot the jump to 1 (when there is an error) is working but is does not trigger any alert policy (and therefore no notification channels are alerting us).

This type alert(s) does not seems to work anymore (always worked) and when i try to edit it and press save i get the error message “We hit an error processing this request. Please try again.” with no field that is getting highlighted or anymore specific information about the error.

Here are some screenshots of the alert

Does anybody know where i can get more information about the error? or why i stopped working?

@Mike_1 This might be related to an issue that is currently being addressed. In the meantime can you try filtering by the host’s display name rather than hostname and let us know the result?

Since display_name: [uniqueHostDisplayName] overrides the hostname when displaying data on the dashboard, it’s possible that you can set up an alert to monitor the host’s display name instead.

Hi @sduvall,

Thanks for the reply.

Just checked but that does not work unfortunately. Even when removing the “Narrow down entities” filter completey i still got the same error (making a new alert with the same conditions does not do the trick either).

Have you filed a support ticket for this.
I want to make sure we get to the bottom of the issue.


Is there any update regarding this issue because multiple alerts does not function now for almost 3 weeks? You said “This might be related to an issue that is currently being addressed”, what kind of issue do you mean?

Our subscription does have direct support from NR. I tried to mail and spoke to an accountmanager because this issue seems to come from their side and is not a configuration issue from our side, but they could not do anything for me… so i tried here but the update speed is terrible, it seems that i have to wait 6+ days days for a reply.

So i found out what was causing the issue @brian20 and @sduvall.

I seems that they changed something on NR side, after pressing the save button i found the following error via console:

{"errors":[{"status":"400","detail":"Generating query params: Parsing SELECT clause: Error at line 1 position 25, unexpected '-04'","code":"ERROR_PARSING_NRQL"}]}

We where always sending our data like “xxxx-xxxx-04” for recognition of the process and server but something has changed at NR that they won’t allow the “-04” anymore. We changed it all to camelcase and we where able to saved it again.

I do have to say i am quite disappointed in the NR support. Waiting 23+ days without a solution and no reaction on the second reply…