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Extremely poor getting-started experience


I have followed the procedure here:

And no data is logged. I only see these two log line in the newrelic_agent.log:
{“v”:0,“level”:30,“name”:“newrelic”,“hostname”:“dev.localhost”,“pid”:16703,“time”:“2018-12-17T11:54:33.110Z”,“msg”:“Using New Relic for Node.js. Agent version: 4.12.0; Node version: v8.12.0.”}
{“v”:0,“level”:30,“name”:“newrelic”,“hostname”:“dev.localhost”,“pid”:16703,“time”:“2018-12-17T11:54:33.112Z”,“msg”:“Module not enabled in configuration; not starting.”}


Hi, @george16: Sorry you’re having difficulty. If you haven’t already, you might try the troubleshooting steps here: