Facet on transactions contain a particular span

We added a trace to a common method. During certain time frames from unexpected traffic surges and what not, we are trying to find a breakdown of counts of transactions that contain this particular span.

I’ve seen a way to filter the span down in distributed tracing, but that data doesn’t appear to be collected in such a way that it’s useful for this because I manually narrowed it down last night to a particular transaction that had quadrupled in bot traffic (1K to 4K RPMs) and this didn’t even show any anomaly in the distributed trace. It’s like the distributed trace is the only tool that links specific spans to transactions, but distributed tracing only appears to be collecting on slower transactions.

I’ve been unable to NRQL my way through this. I’m able to see the counts for the particular span, but I can’t tie it to any transaction in particular, just unique transaction IDs.

Ideally, the query would be something like this which I know is not possible.

Select count(*)
FROM spans
Where name = ‘span name’
Facet TransactionName


As mentioned in our support ticket, and for anyone else who might be interested, I believe you can query the SCOPE of this metric to get data on all transactions that are calling this method.

We could try using rate(count(newrelic.timeslice.value), 1 minute):

SELECT rate(count(newrelic.timeslice.value), 1 minute) as 'sessions-created' FROM Metric WHERE appName = '_________' and metricTimesliceName = '_________' facet scope LIMIT max TIMESERIES SINCE 7 days ago

I hope this helps!