FACET on USER column of Transaction table

When I use FACET on USER column of Transaction table, I am not getting any result back. When I remove FACET and do count(*) or select * I can see the records.

Hello, @laxmikanth.ponna1: User is not a default attribute of Transaction events. Are you passing a custom attribute called user?

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Hi, we are using newrelic in .net. When we add newrelic from nuget package and include newrelic, we are able to see SetUserParameters method exposed by newrelic to set the user.

any way, now I am able to use FACET on USER column of Transaction table.

Glad that’s working for you now @laxmikanth.ponna1

Can you confirm what fixed this for you? or did those events just start showing up?

i’m new here and i’m wondering the same thing. ponna1, an update would be really appreciated. thanks

Hi, it started working next day. I didn’t do anything to fix or didn’t change anything on our side.

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Thanks for confirming that @laxmikanth.ponna1 :slight_smile: