Feature Idea: Collect Events within Insights Without Custom Key Header

Following on from an Alerts enablement session earlier, one of the major takeaways was a way to log alert events metrics within a single Insights dashboard, from all of our NR accounts. This is detailed here: Sending Alerts data to Insights

With this, we were hoping to extend this functionality further by ingesting some events from 3rd parties as well to display alongside in the dashboard. Unfortunately, this 3rd party source is quite a simple barebones and lacks the ability to set custom headers (i.e., X-Insert-Key). It’s limited to accepting a URL input only.

As a result, would it be possible to:

Would appreciate any ideas/suggestions to proceed further with this endeavour as I can’t edit the 3rd party. Thanks for your time.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Hi, @Rishav_old: I don’t think it is possible to change the authentication method used by the Insights event API. I think the best you can do is create your own REST endpoint to receive data from the third-party source, add the X-Insert-Key header, and forward it to Insights.

Was hoping it wouldn’t come to that since we have limited tooling in that regard (I’m not even certain it’s possible to create a reliable REST API endpoint within PowerShell!). Another suggestion was to add the header at an intermediary proxy but, again, not sure that’s possible with PowerShell alone.

In addition, the source is too simple to add custom header functionality without adding enough complexity to no longer require Insights for tracking metrics.

As such, raising this and its 3 potential solutions to be considered as a feature request. Thanks.

Thanks for the follow up @Rishav_old -

We got this all sent up to the Insights team in a feature request for you :slight_smile:

Thanks, @RyanVeitch, that’s promising to hear!

I’d think the ideal solution is to allow the API Key to be appended at the end of the base URL: that way you have the best of both worlds by allowing New Relic to parse both pieces of data as it currently does while letting basic 3rd parties to target just one self-contained URL endpoint.

If it lends in credence, this is the same approach as taken by PagerDuty for 3rd party service integrations. I.e., https://events.pagerduty.com/x-ere/[YOUR_INTEGRATION_KEY_HERE]. Thanks.

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Awesome! Appreciate the extra info - I got that logged with the internal request :smiley:

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At last review this feature was not accepted to be added to the roadmap. This request has been closed.