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Feature Idea: How to increase the limit value in the nrql query


Hi Folks,
how to increase the limit value 1000 to max value in the query.
FROM NrDailyUsage
SELECT min(timestamp)
AS ‘Earliest reporting day’,max(timestamp)
AS ‘Latest reporting day’
FACET apmAppName,hostId,agentHostname,consumingAccountName,consumingAccountId
WHERE usageType=‘Application’
AND productLine=‘APM’
SINCE 1 month ago
LIMIT 1000



Hey @tharun4ru -

It’s not possible to increase the limit beyond 1000 right now. A potential way around that right now is to query a shorter timeframe, maybe 2 weeks instead of a month to bring the number of rows below 1000, then collate that data with another query returning the previous 2 weeks.

I have moved your post over to the feature ideas space - where I have added your +1 internally for this feature update. You can also vote on this feature over here:


It seems insane to me that the max limit is so low (1000), especially for a dataset like MobileRequest.

In order to query the data collected we have had to resort to the solution suggested above (shorter timeframes) but it means we are down to sub-minute intervals for the queries, and may eventually be sub-second.

My initial view of NewRelic was extremely positive (and with the exception of this one issue still is), but we were dealing with very limited use for the evaluation at the time. We made the decision to use it, knowing of the limitation but not expecting it to really impact us for a while, only to discover that as our app gets more widely used, the data is MUCH more difficult and time consuming to retrieve.

I would suggest that anyone that has the same requirement as we do of getting their data from NewRelic so it can be placed into another system be very careful and evaluate the NRQL limitations more carefully than we did.


Hey @mark.hamilton1 - I completely understand the frustrations with 1000 row limitations.

This absolutely is on our team’s radar, I can assure you that they are looking at options for larger query sets. While I have no indication of an ETA right now, do know that it is a problem our users have that we are aware of and keen to solve.


Hey folks - @mark.hamilton1 & @tharun4ru

I’d like to update you all to let you know that we are working on increasing our limits. We have started by doubling the maximum query limit to 2000. Check out more in @bgoleno’s post here: