Feature request - NRQL string CONCAT function

I can’t seem to find a way to concat two String fields in NRQL. I don’t find a String function that supports this.

For example I need to do this:

SELECT (‘Ad Type’+‘adType’) AS ‘Type’ FROM Table

or this:

SELECT count(*) AS ‘Cnt’ FROM Table FACET (‘AdType’+‘adType’)

Is there a way to do this, or is there a plan to introduce this function?


Hi @android-newrelic - This has already been logged as a feature request. Pop over and add your vote.

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I have the same use case (need to apply count function to multiple fields). This is basic query functionality. NRQL is very limiting. :frowning:


Pop over where and add my vote?

@d.howe: Feature request - NRQL string functions

To anyone still hoping see CONCAT added. Sadly, the voting is closed and it was rejected. Good luck.

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