Fetch Apdex based on an input Apdex T for a particular transaction

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Basically we want to fetch the Apdex score for a transaction using NRQL. For that instead of using the global setting of Apdex Threshold, I want to fetch the Apdex score for a Transaction (let’s say Transaction A) based on a configurable T value.

For example: My application App_A, has a Apdex T set at 500ms. It has a transaction Transaction_A, for which I need to get the Apdex score based on an Apdex T, example: 200ms which is different than the one defined for the App_A.

Is it possible to do such a thing?

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I tried the following so far for a T value of 1.5 seconds:

SELECT apdex(duration, t:1.5) FROM Transaction WHERE name = ‘WebTransaction/RestWebService/Transaction_A (GET)’ where appName = ‘App_A’

Is this query correct?
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Hi @siddhant.agarwal,

you should use the where keyword only once and combine several criteria with and or or

Another option would be to mark this transaction as key transaction and you can assign a specific apdex_T to it. This has the advantage that the Transaction table contains in the apdexPerfZone column a value calculated on this base.


ohh. Yes, sorry about that WHERE. That was just a copy paste error from my end. Is there a restriction on the number of transactions that can be marked as Key transactions?

I’m not absolutely sure, but documentation does not state an obvious limit.


Thanks for the clarifications!

@siddhant.agarwal - @wkiNewRelic is right - there are no limits to key transactions.

Thanks for helping out here @wkiNewRelic :smiley:

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