First Attempt - Nerd Pack Deployment - Command Center

This is my first attempt to deploy a Nerd Pack at all and I have been trying to follow the directions provided as part of the Command Center nerdpack on GH. When I try to start my nerdpack:serve, I get the following from verbose mode:

nr1 nerdpack:serve --verbose
init version: @oclif/command@1.5.19 argv: [ ‘–verbose’, [length]: 1 ]
init version: @oclif/command@1.5.19 argv: [ ‘–verbose’, [length]: 1 ]
Found and loaded 2 nr1.json files on msp-alerts (60c98924-44fd-458f-bbf6-b96485cede4c) Nerdpack.
Schema file is 8 min old

√ msp-alerts (60c98924-44fd-458f-bbf6-b96485cede4c) nr1.json

√ nr1-command-center-launcher launchers\nr1-command-center-launcher\nr1.json

√ nr1-command-center-nerdlet nerdlets\nr1-command-center-nerdlet\nr1.json

Using profile CPS_NonProd_US
There is no certificate created yet.
Request: GET
Data: undefined
Headers: {
‘API-Key’: ‘[redacted]’

x Error: An error ocurred while performing the operation

{ origin: ‘service’ }

Hi @tim.davis

Can you check what CLI version you have running, and, check that it’s the latest by running:

nr1 --version

nr1 update

Turns out, it was an ID-10-T PEB/CAK error.

Namely, I was using the wrong API. Too many APIs for too many different things.

Thanks for the follow up, @tim.davis. Glad you got this figured out. There are a few different API keys! For building Nerdpacks you can always grab the API key from the Build your own New Relic App launcher in New Relic One.