Front end error when adding service map to dashboard

As the title says :grin: I can’t add a service map to the dashboard due to a frontend error.

What I did:

  • click APM → the app I’m interested in
  • click Service map from the left menu
  • click Add to Dashboard (top left of the service map)
  • in the modal that comes up, I selected the dashboard and clicked Copy to dashboard
  • a loader shows up and stays there permanently
  • in the browser js console I get:
nr-loader-spa-current.min.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'additional_entities' of undefined
    at serviceMapWidget.js:3
    at B (translateToPublicWidget.js:4)
    at $ (translateToPublicWidget.js:4)
    at addWidgetToPage (withDashboardMutations.js:3)
    at CopyToExistingDashboardContainer.js:1
    at t.n._onClick (one-app-9aaee870.js:1)
    at Object.ze (one-vui-d071e33a.js:1)
    at Ye (one-vui-d071e33a.js:1)
    at one-vui-d071e33a.js:1
    at Tr (one-vui-d071e33a.js:1)
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Hello! Thanks for posting your question, and giving some information about the steps to reproduce. Are you still experiencing the error? If so, please review the list to troubleshoot browser issues:

  1. Clear cache/cookies and try again
  2. Check browser version, update to latest version, try again
  3. Try a different browser
  4. Try disabling all browser extensions or add-ons and loading the page again
  5. If you are running on a VPN, try loading the page again while NOT on the VPN

Let me know if any of this helps or if this needs further troubleshooting.

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I just tried again now and it works!


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