Generating Monthly SLA Report for a Specific Synthetic Monitor

Hi Team,

I need generate Monthly SLA report using NRQL query. how can i do that. is there any specific query for that ?

Thank You

The post below will give you a starting point. It will need adapting for your circumstances.

Hi Thanks, i tried that, but it did not work for me.

SELECT (count(*)/1000) AS ‘Requests (thousands)’,
(average(duration)*1000) AS ‘Response Time(ms)’,
apdex(duration, t: 0.1) AS Apdex,

percentage(count(), WHERE apdexPerfZone = ‘S’) AS ‘% Satisfied’,
), WHERE apdexPerfZone = ‘T’) AS ‘% Tolerating’,
percentage(count(*), WHERE apdexPerfZone = ‘F’) AS ‘% Frustrated’,

percentage(count(*), WHERE error) AS ‘% Errors’

FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE monitorId = ‘[monitor-id]’
FACET dateOf(timestamp) since 14 days ago limit 20

i have used this query. is this wrong ?