Getting 500 error from synthetic monitors error

Dear NewRelic,

While I am trying to curl synthetic api to get all my synthetic monitoring endpoint but I get the following error:

"code": 500,

"message": "There was an error processing your request. It has been logged (ID 81cb1332af1572e5)."


Hi @hii.tzehaw, Welcome to the Explorers Hub.

Would you be able to recreate the request using a cURL command in the terminal to see if you are seeing the same error? You can find the correct cURL command here:

If you are seeing errors there could you send us the full result and we can investigate further for you.

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@nmcnamara Thank You in advanced.

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Hi @hii.tzehaw, this will need to be looked over by our support team. They will reach out to you shortly by email.

Hello nmcnamara, we have not yet gotten any response from the support team.

Hey @qqwrst it looks like the support team did reach out to you but perhaps it got caught in a email filter.

Could you DM me here with the full API call, including API key, I’d like to run that GET request myself and validate the results there against my own personal account, which seems to be working with the GET all monitors API Call.