Getting "acknowledgment" info from the Alerts API

I’m currently using the alerts_violations.json REST API to get information about active alert violations. My question is: is there any API that shows information about whether a violation has been acknowledged? Ideally, I’d like to get the name of the person who acknowledged the violation, along with the date/time.


Hello Marc,

While I don’t think there is an option to get acknowledgements, the events call in the api may work for what you want

here is doc on that:

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Hi peraut,

I appreciate the reply.

I just tried that, and unfortunately it looks like acknowledgments are not included in the event list.

I’m looking at an event right now that does have an acknowledgment, and in both the NR “Events” screen for that incident, along with the API you’ve mentioned, I do not see an acknowledgment event in either of those. I definitely see events – for the incident opening, for notifications sent, and for the incident closing, but unfortunately no acknowledgment event

Hi @marc.esher

You are correct that incident acknowledgements are not treated as events when using either the API or the Alerts UI. Although you can see them in the Alerts UI (if an incident has been acknowledged, it will show the user who did it and the time of acknowledging in the top-right corner), there is no way to access these using the REST API.

That said, our Product Managers and Engineers who plan our product roadmap are always interested in hearing new ideas about how to make New Relic even better, so I have submitted this as a feature request to be considered for a future release. We’ll do our best to let you know if this is implemented. While we can’t guarantee when or if this feature will be implemented, we take customer requests very seriously and use them to prioritize which features we implement next.

If you have an opportunity, please visit the Feature Ideas section ( where you can add your use case for the proposed feature as a Feature Idea. This will allow other New Relic users to discover your idea and participate in the conversation by adding their use cases, possible workarounds, and even their vote.

Thanks for helping us improve the product!


Thanks a lot for confirming, Fidelicatessen. I appreciate that.

Is there an update on this? The above link Feature Ideas section is broken or not accessible for me.

Apologies in advance if I missed it in the documentation.

Hi @karl.wiese

We are changing the way incident response works in New Relic right now. We will need to roll out the new AI Analytics events, specifically NrAiIssue, which will show issue acknowledgement (you can already look at NrAiIncident and NrAiSignal, which are currently in beta). Note that NrAiIncident is covering what you currently know as “violations,” and NrAiIssue will cover what you currently think of as “incidents.” This post goes into more detail about that.

We will also be building a new API for the new “Issues.”

Thanks for reminding me about this need. This will give the product team added context as we design the new API and NrAiIssue event, and go a long way toward insuring that the user who acknowledged the issue is shown along with the acknowledge event.

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Hi @Fidelicatessen

Thank you very much for the detailed answer! Looking forward to see this soon.

Is there a rough timeline when the new API can be expected?


I checked with the Product Manager who is handling this API, and he informed me that it’s something they’re planning on releasing in the coming quarter.

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I’m also waiting to see “User acknowledged the alert” to be in my reports.
This is super important especially in Time Sensitive Business cases with tight SLAs. Any updates on ETA?