Getting errors from APM


I’d like to ask if there’s any way to get the errors from APM.

Other providers like Datadog or Sentry, I can configure to trigger a webhook to slack to get the errors.

I saw that there’s an integration with slack but it works only when an incident is triggered, but I wanted to know if I cat get the real errors, at least the main message (without the trace).


HI @idir.ouhab - You could extract the errors from Insights using a NRQL query and the Insights API. Depending on your APM agent you will require either the Transaction or the TransactionError events to extract the data. It is then a case of pushing that onto your Slack channel.


That sounds like great suggestions, @stefan_garnham - thank you for starting the troubleshooting!

@idir.ouhab Let us know if you were able to try Stefan’s suggestions?

Thank you very much.

Yes, I’ve already thought about this, the main probably that I see here, it’s that I need to create kind of a job that every X minutes will pull all the errors and then push them to slacks.

I was thinking about something more similar to Sentry that sends you the error to any communication channel as soon as we send or they receive it.

hey @idir.ouhab,

I can see the benefit but getting alerts for every single error might be a bit high. I’d suggest you may be best looking at Alerts which can notify based on an error percentage over x amount of minutes. That way you won’t get notified for a single error that goes away but more for a prolonged amount of errors over a period of time.