Getting Stats and Counts in New Relic Logs

How does one get stats or counts in New Relic Logs?

I’m trying to do the equivalent of using the timechart or stats functionality in Splunk, just to do something like run a query, and then get a count of how many times a given error has come up per day, or a sum total by day, or a total by server.

Is there any way to do this in NR Logs right now, or does it allow you only the graph that is built-in?

So in New Relic you would use NRQL to do queries against your data. Specifically with your question about graphs over time I suspect you can get what you need from the TIMESERIES function as documented here.

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Thanks for that - I was able to craft a NRQL to get the data I wanted. Forgot that was the universal way to get everything.