Groundskeeper Nerdpack

Meet the New Relic One Groundskeeper

The New Relic One Agent Groundskeeper gives you a live view of what versions of New Relic APM agents are running across your entire software estate.

See which services are up to date (with various upgrade SLO time windows), which are out of date, and which have instances deployed w/ different versions. Quickly and easily zoom in on your estate by filtering on NR1 tags, and search by account, language, and app name.

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Getting Started

Clone this repository and run the following scripts:

git clone
cd nr1-groundskeeper
nr1 nerdpack:uuid -gf
npm install
npm start

Visit , navigate to the Nerdpack, and :sparkles:

The full Groundskeeper repository and ReadMe can be found here.

Happy Nerd-ing! :nerd_face:


i am new to nerdpacks and have tried to deploy this pack to our account. I am not sure what i am doing wrong, but I am only getting data from one of of my accounts. Is there some sort of trick to get all of my agents to pull in across all accounts?

Clint, do you have a master account with several sub-accounts? If so, you need to use an APIkey from the master account and deploy to that account in order for the functionality to be leveraged for the master and all sub accounts. If you have multiple master accounts, there’s presently no way to span those accounts via one Nerdpack. Instead, you’ll (unfortunately) need to deploy is multiple times. That limitation won’t be present forever, but it’s how things are currently.

So, our organization has 1 master and multiple sub accounts. However, our team is only concerned with our specific sub accounts. I assume the response to multiple masters might also apply to multiple sub accounts?

Hey @tim.davis - Deploying Groundskeeper to the master account will make it available to the sub-accounts.

If you have access to the master (and thus, all subs) then you’ll likely see all of the data for all accounts.

If you are only interested in your sub-account, I’d recommend only deploying Groundskeeper to that sub-account. The nerdpack access is inherited from above, and does not work in reverse. By which I mean, deploying to 1 sub-account will not make the nerdpack available to every other sub-account.

Roger that. So, since we have multiple sub accounts, but, the master is not a ‘used’ account, we will have to deploy for each sub account.

Essentially yes, I believe that may be best.

With that said, even if you deploy to the master account, only users with access to all sub-accounts will see all sub-accounts data.

Confusing, I know. User access and visibility always is for me…

But if say, you have 3 users, A, B, & C.

A exists on the master account, B only exists on 1 sub-account, and C exists on all sub-accounts but not the master account.

A would see all data for all accounts.
B would see only the data for the sub-account they are listed on.
C would see all data for all sub-accounts, but not data for the master account.

So this really boils down to the way your access is configured. Which accounts the people are in that should see the nerdpack. While also thinking about who shouldn’t see the nerdpack and what accounts they’re in.

Does anyone have existing plans to extend Groundskeeper to track infrastructure agents? I may look into doing it myself, but don’t want to duplicate effort.

FYI - It’d be my first effort working with NerdPacks beyond the workshop.

@CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA , it would be great to have you contribute to Groundskeeper in that way!

Can you add an enhancement issue to that repo, overviewing what you’d like to see added so that you (and we) can attach any PR you offer to a recorded enhancement?

I have create this enhancement request in GitHub: Extend groundskeeper to track infrastructure agents #9.

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Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this addition to Groundskeeper :smiley:

For folks using Groundskeeper and tracking this thread, we’ve shipped a couple of updates recently.

In addition to updating dependencies and bug fixes, there’s a new SLA view. Once you’ve selected your Upgrade SLO (we’ve added more options to the list), just choose a tag (APM label) from the SHOW SLA REPORT picker. The table will read out each value of that tag and give you % SLO Achievement for apps with that tag value as well as # of apps in SLA, outdated, multi-version, etc.

This has been super helpful for us at New Relic to streamline reporting by team, environment, etc.


I’m having an issue with Groundskeeper not showing accounts. We recently consolidated several NR accounts under prod and non prod parent accounts. In one case this has resulted in maybe 3000 +apps and ~75 accounts. After the change I’m unable to filter the view for most of the accounts because the filter drop down limits its pick list to 9 items and there is no scroll. This makes it impossible to use the app in most cases. Can we get a fix to handle this large number of accounts and apps?

@joelworrall @jkaron including you both in case you can help with above. :slight_smile:

Hi @6MM, thanks for the bug report.

If I’m understanding you correctly, the pickers under “Filter applications by tag… to value” are the ones that are cutting off your options?

Those “should” be working, and let me scroll through all options on an account I have access to with about 50 subaccounts.

What browser and version are you using? That’ll help me diagnose the issue.

Correct. The to value box doesn’t get a scroll and wont scroll with a mouse scroll wheel when hovering over the box. Chrome 85.0.4183.83

It also takes more than a minute to to load the apps when you first launch the Groundskeeper app. It might be idea in some cases to not load everything when you launch. It’s pretty unresponsive when loading.

There are a few other comments. It would be nice if you used nrql standard terms for some of the things like appName. Users are familiar with those. It would be nice if these were loaded at the top and maybe separate custom vs standard attributes. It would also be nice if the filters had an option for free text or at lease have the ability to do like and not like. This would allow is to more easily filter on naming conventions in appName etc. Like ‘%(prod%’ or Not like '%(prod%.

Also, it might be nice to inherit the account context you have been in in APM if you switch to the app. Account context in general has been a pain point with NR1. It’s pretty annoying to have to keep updating your context between feature or have to keep building complex filters for your context.

@jkaron Is there anything else I can provide?

Hi @6MM. I gave Groundskeeper a test on Chrome 85 and I can’t reproduce the dropdown scroll problem you’re seeing. Have you seen the same issue in dropdown pickers elsewhere in the New Relic One UI?

Thanks for the other feedback too. We’re aware of the performance issues. It’s a lot of data to fetch and handle in the UI but I do plan to take a pass at some tuning soon.

For the other suggestions, it’d be great to have you create Issues on the Github project so anyone else looking at the project can add to them (or even submit a PR implementing the suggestions).

For company privacy reasons I’ve put a screen recording in the New Relic slack channel for our company. I pinged Ralph and Joel to add you in case you can’t find it. You were not a member. If you like we can continue the discussion in this issue in that Slack channel.

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Thank you @6MM for facilitating that connection to slack. :slight_smile: