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Help with ResponseValidationError: Response did not contain the expected string



Hi I am completely new to NewRelic. I’m trying to set up my first monitor and it gives an error: ResponseValidationError: Response did not contain the expected string - i set up my monitor to find a string in my page. Apparently it does not find it, although I see it clearly when I browse to the page. Can someone help me out; I can’t find any info on this error…


Hi @harry104 - I have found that if the string is in parts across elements, such as <p>start <span>of paragraph</span></p> where you are looking for “start of paragraph” as the string; then it may not be found. Try smaller parts of the string being looked for which is unique enough to validate the page.


Thanks stefan_garnham!

With my monitor, I’m looking for the text: Examples of work, and in code it looks like this:

Examples of work

And in the Response Validation field, I only entered the text: Examples of work, directly copied from the source. Still, it fails! Any other tips?


Sorry, without viewing the page I am not sure what additional information I can provide.


Hi stefan_garnham,

I’m not allowed to add links in the thread apparently, but the page is: staging dot designbro dot com and I’m trying to monitor the ‘Examples of work’ section


Having looked at the page and viewing the source, I can see that the majority of the page content is not in the page’s <html>. The only item that you will find will be the Designbro title.


Hi Harry,

Is check being performed by a ping monitor? If so, the request performed is a basic HTTP GET request which means there is no browser rendering. Doing a curl -XGET to the address you shared, I can see that the string you mentioned is not in the content of the response, and that this string along with the web app’s content, would only be rendered in a browser context.


I’m faced with a similar issue where the Ping monitor fails with error “ResponseValidationError: Response did not contain the expected string ‘{ “status” : “UP”, “LDAPHealth” : { “status” : “UP” …’”
I ran a curl command and the output matches my response validation -
“status” : “UP”,
“LDAPHealth” : {
“status” : “UP”
“db” : {
“status” : “UP”,
“database” : “PostgreSQL”,
“hello” : 1
Is the formatting of this output (above) the issue why Ping monitor complains?


Hi @priyadarshini.r.kolw, the response from the cURL is actually in JSON format so would not be a string. The String Validation actually applies to the HTML source code of the target page, and the string must be in the first 1mb of data. Hope this helps :slight_smile: