Hogging Thread Count

I’m trying to create a dashboard of all of our Oracle WebLogic ADF Server’s Hogging Thread Count, but I’m not able to figure this out.

I can see this:
SELECT average(threadCount) FROM ProcessSample FACET apmApplicationNames SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO TIMESERIES

But that’s noting all threads on the system, including the OS.

I have also found:

Where it mentions HoggingThreadCount but I’m too much of a novice to figure this out.

Any suggestions?

Try locating the metric in the “Data Explorer” with the “metrics” selected. I’m guessing for you this metric is not an insights event.

Hi there, @d.ma! Were you able to test a bit more on this? We would love to hear an update from you in order to get you all sorted! :blush:

Hi @Linds
No nothing yet. We currently have an issue with APM whereby it’s showing the wrong JVM’s and not all of our JVM’s are appearing in APM.
We have a support ticket open 311216 but it’s moving a bit slowly and it’s preventing us from rolling out APM to Production.
So hopefully once that is resolved we can carry on looking at the Custom JMX attributes.

Hey @d.ma I looked at that ticket and it seems that @xlu has been helping you there - It seems like Lucy is awaiting response from your side. Let us know if there’s anything we can help with to move that forward. :slight_smile: