Host repeatedly sending false "Not Reporting" alerts

False alarms from New Relic “Host is Not Reporting” have been repeatedly triggered in the last 20 days.

The reason I am saying these are false alarms is because each time they happen:

  • I check that the newrelic-infra agent is still running on the server in question
  • I go to the New Relic dashboard and I see that the host is clearly still reporting. There are no gaps in the reporting window when the host did not send data to the new relic dashboard and this alerts typically take 24 hr to close themselves.

This is only happening for one of my 6 hosts that I am tracking with this service.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the agent on the server in question hoping that there was some glitch that a reinstall might fix but it alerted again 5 days later.

My company is also subscribed with a Pro plan yet the Explorers Hub is the only option I’ve been able to reach support with. I believe the Pro plan is supposed to have 24/7 in app chat and email support. I have contacted the support email and was given steps to find support within the dashboard but I am simply directed to the Explorers Hub. I have called Sales and left my number and I also sent my personal number to the support email for newrelic and I have yet to receive a callback. I want to make sure that I am indeed receiving the support that we are paying for.

Attached below are links to the most recent alerts
Aug 23

Aug 24

Aug 26

Aug 31

Sept 1

Sept 6

This happened again today

Sept 13