Hosts showing as undefined in Infrastructure


We have 5 servers running windows and linux. We’ve installed the Infrastructure agent in all of them and we’ve configured the display_name for different servers. We have 4 Windows and 1 Linux.
However, 2 of my Windows Hosts do not show up correctly on the New Relic dashboard.
We’ve checked the log file and it shows no error and also presents the display name field being send to the backend.

One of them shows as undefined and the other one do not show at all. In the host showed as undefined, we can see CPU, Memory, Disks graphs as long as the OS events. However, the description information (such as system Operating System, Agent Version, CPU Count, and System Memory) do not show up.

As we are on AWS, we configured the integration and, after that, it recognized the instance id of the Host. Now, it is showing the instance id and other AWS information such as instance type and AZ.

My Account number is 1722826.

Please, could you help us how to fix this?

Best regards,

Hi there @operacional -

I understand you have a couple of missing hosts in Infrastructure. This is an issue that others have definitely experienced before. We’ve outlined a couple of common causes in this Level Up post:

Does this help you sort the issue out? If not, we’ll take a closer look.