How can I remove an APM application, I no longer have access to the server?

I want to delete an app from my account but I couldn’t because the server is still sending data. Based on the research we can’t delete the app when agent is sending data. The issue is we don’t have access to the server anymore.

And also we can’t delete existing license because it’s connected with many other servers.

Is there is anyway we could delete the app.

Hi, @elephantintheboardr1: Those are the only two options: either disable/uninstall the agent on the application server, or change your license key so that the data from the agent is no longer sent to your account.

The license key is connected with many servers.

Yes, you would have to change the key on all servers you still want to report to your account.

As I said, those are the only two options.

Hi I understand I have to change the key. I have created a new key but I couldn’t delete the old key.

I’m getting this error.

An account's original license key cannot be deleted at this time. Please contact Support to delete this key.

The error message tells you what to do. :slight_smile: I have flagged your message for help from Support; a support engineer will contact you as soon as possible.


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