How can I tell if my scripted browser check is working?

This might be a silly question, but I have written a simple scripted browser check, how can if I tell if it’s working?

When I hit ‘validate script’ nothing happens.

But when I look at results I see some timings…I would expect to see logs of what is happening?

Thanks, for looking into this noob question :).

Hi @margi - You have to log output yourself if you want detail from the synthetic. Take a look at my sample script for an idea of how to achieve this.

Sorry for the delay in response. I was out on vacation last week.

If you hit validate script and nothing happens, that means that there is an error in the script. I would copy the script into a javascript editor and look for the issues. Once the script runs properly, then you will see the virtual process being created in New Relic Script creation wizard, and then you will get a response that the process has been created, and you will see a successful completion of the check. That is how you will know the process has worked.