How enable Synthetic check

Hi, i will try to add a uptime chart in a dashboard, but the query not display any data. To enable need add some conf in the newrelic agent?

the query is
SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE result=‘SUCCESS’) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE monitorName LIKE ‘%Check%’ SINCE 1 day ago FACET monitorName

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Hi, @sso1: In order to have SyntheticCheck events, you must configure a Synthetics monitor. Have you done that?

no, for the query i have post in this topic, how be the example of monitor i need done?
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You can read the document at the link above to learn about the various types of Synthetics monitors. You can start with a simple Ping monitor and see if it is sufficient for your needs.

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i have done a script and working fine.

by the way, someone has a script to monitoring postgres via synthetics ???

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Generally, you use Synthetics to monitor web sites or API endpoints. New Relic has an Infrastructure integration for monitoring Postgres.

ok. thanks i will check this.