How to create metrics with distribution type?

According to Metric types, there’s type called “distribution”, but there’s no information about how to ingest data with this type.

I tried ingesting it with “value” as a number but it didn’t work (request accepted but metric not showing up in Data Explorer).

On the other hand, View and query your metrics does not mention anything about “distribution” as a metric type.

So, is “distribution” a valid metric type? If yes, how do I use it?

Hi @djeevan

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I believe there is a slight confusion here.

Metric types such as distribution are ways in which we receive, ie you send the data and this affects its display. Such as distribution in percentage will show the data in % format.

It is not a metric as you interrupted above.

For example Prometheus sends data to New Relic, these are the metric types Prometheus accepts. Please see this blog post for reference.

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