How to create read only API key?

Im trying to create api key for my application but i need to know how to create a read only one that will be able to only get information about my new relic resources?

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I did some digging and found a great resource in our docs all about License keys. Please see New Relic API keys | New Relic Documentation. I would advise revising here for understanding on their creation.

I hope the above was helpful, please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or updates.

Im using the golang newrelic client

And it fails with lisence key and works only with user key
There is documentation on usage of this SDK with license key?

The SDK only works with your user key, there is not a read only implementation of that but it does match the permissions that your user account has, so if you were a basic user without any extra roles it would also have that same level of permissions.

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But as basic account can I list which workloads i have and syntetics?
According to this I can’t

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Thanks for reaching out, please allow me to loop in the accounts team to confirm here. As this is outside of my usual scope.

Note they will reply via this post with their update.

Hi there @tamir2 - May I ask are you referring to Basic User Type when you mention ‘basic account’? If so, a basic user will not have permissions to create Workloads or Synthetics monitors within the account. As per the DOC you referenced here: User type: basic, core, and full platform users - May I ask if you attempted to use a User Key with the Full User Type?