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How to extract multiple alert pages from REST API..?



Dear Team,

I’m facing issue to extract multiple pages of new relic alerts from REST API.

Pls help.

Thanks & regards,


I think the NR REST API does support pages in headers.

curl -X GET ‘
-H ‘X-Api-Key:{api_key}’ -i
-G -d ‘page=2

I think a better question is how do you put all that data together after you get all the pages.


Hey @Hadad.Mardikatama - Was @martinez.zepeda’s response helpful you?


Is it possible to get multiple pages with a single query or change the page size?


Hey @John_Kilmister - In order to optimise API query performance, the number of results returned per page is not editable. You’ll need to run sequential API calls to go from page to page of results.