How to modify alerts in order get notified specific data in Slack

Hi team,
we have notifications going from Newrelic to #slackchannel. we want slack channel should have all the data required for the team, this information is: name , error, object type etc. we have also make sure that all this info is available in the log we send to newrelic and triggers this alert on this ticket. we have not seen any conditions for the requirement, please let us know if there any way that we can achieve this.
Thank you.

Hi there @admin-tech -

It sound like you are looking for help customizing your notifications. We do have some documentation about customizing your notification message templates. If If that doesn’t clear things up for you or isn’t what you’re looking for, please let us know!

Hello, I have been able to use the custom message templates functionality to add to the existing notification that gets sent to Slack. However, what is sent right now to Slack has much more info than we’d like to send, is there a way to override the entire notification sent?


Hello @ryan.munson -

Welcome to the support forum! As I understand it, you would like to stop any notifications from being sent to Slack for a specific policy. This is absolutely possible. You just need to remove Slack as a notification channel from that policy. There is a little more information about notification channels and how to add or remove them here:

Please let me know if that helps or if I misunderstood.

Sorry, not quite what I was looking for. When I create a workflow to push to Slack I would like to be able to manage the entire format of the message being sent. Right now it looks to be not customizable withonly the ability to add properties which show at the end of the notification. So I’m not looking to remove it I’m just looking to control the format of the entire message being sent.


Thanks for that clarification @ryan.munson - you are correct. You can’t reformat the message. The default notification can be enriched, but not otherwise modified: