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How to see detail time duration from start activity to completed?



Mobile Question Template

Hi support team
I’m using newRelic v5.17.2 for android
I saw new relic support for web version more power than mobile version example: In the web version you can see detail on transaction from init webapp - time for network - time for rendering ui etc… So How to create the same chart for mobile like that?


Hi @v.thanhtd16,

The NR mobile agent does not have these same features as the Browser agent out of the box, but you can add custom instrumentation to trace and view additional data not automatically instrumented by the mobile agent.

To do so, I have provided New Relic’s documentation on adding custom data. This data can be viewed in Insights, and you can create custom dashboards for quick access. Below, you can find documentation outlining several methods for adding custom data.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



Thank you for your answer, so can I create real-time chart base on custom interaction as input data to chart? (this question just wanna confirmed)
another question when I have many activity in my knowledge I must to register new relic for each activity, I was try to init NR in BaseActivity( mean parent activity) but not work.


Hi @v.thanhtd16,

If I’m understanding your questions correctly, yes, you can create custom instrumentation that can be viewed in Insights in real-time by creating custom dashboards with your specific NRQL queries. Here is some documentation to get you started:

As for your second question, you only need to initialize the New Relic agent once, in the base activity in the onCreate method, and that will monitor any activities that are called during runtime. It is not necessary to instrument the agent in each activity of an application. Below, I’ve included some NR documentation outlining installation for Android and additional information about the SDK API.

Hopefully this helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.