HTTP responce time for locahost

I am facing issue to get HTTP responce time localhost. its show me error message.
" An error occurred while fetching this data. Try reloading the page. If this error persists, please contact support.".

Can you please help me. How to get REST API request response time.

It looks like response times are captured and reported for the localhost domain, but there do not appear to be any request paths.

SELECT * FROM MobileRequest, MobileRequestError where requestDomain like '%localhost%' since 1 week ago LIMIT MAX 

The drop down list (where the error message is) for a particular domain in Http Requests is faceted by request path.

You can filter by the domain localhost, and again by requestPath and see a count for Occurrences with no value for "Request Path".

Since there are no values for request paths, there is no data to populate that list.

But mobile app is using REST API. I think those must be recorded. or REST API will not be recorded? Is there any way to records REST API response time.

This could be a deeper issue with instrumenting the Ionic framework. The native iOS and Android agents don’t currently support Ionic, and we’ve seen issues with instrumentation/data capture.

That said, you can potentially try custom instrumentation via iOS SDK API, the New Relic Cordova plug-in, or the Events API.