I'm trying to export a dashboard with filters active to PDF but the generated PDF shows unfiltered charts

I asked for help to NR Support and they said that this is not supported at this moment and told me to ask for this feature here. So, here it is.

For me it is not a feature request but a BUG. I can’t see the point to be able to filter data in a dashboard and not be able to get the same filtered information when exporting to PDF.

This is what support told me:

At this point, our product does not support dashboard’s filters to export to PDF. Our Product Managers and Engineers who plan our product roadmap are always interested in hearing new ideas about how to make New Relic even better, so I have submitted this as a feature request to be considered for a future release. While we can’t guarantee when or if this feature will be implemented, we take customer requests very seriously and use them to prioritize which features we implement next.

If you have an opportunity, please visit our Explorers Hub (discuss.newrelic.com) where you can add your use case for the proposed feature as a Feature Idea. This will allow other New Relic users to discover your idea and participate in the conversation by adding their use cases, possible workarounds, and even their vote.

Hi @alex.rojo,

Thank you for reaching out to the Explorers Hub and for your feedback.

I looked into the feature request submitted by support, and it looks like the engineering team has plans to support this in the future. At this time there has not been a set date, however I will follow up with you when there is an update.

Please let us know if we can assist with anything else.