Important: Insights Upgrade to New Relic One Dashboards

SUMMARY: On April 12 we are upgrading and redirecting all users from Insights to New Relic One Dashboards, and ending support for the Insights mobile app in favor of the New Relic mobile app (Android or iOS). Later in July, the Insights dashboard API will be deprecated in favour of the New Relic One dashboards API**

It’s Time

The New Relic Insights UI has served New Relic users well for over five years, digging into their data and creating dashboards on both web and mobile. The release of New Relic One in May 2019 introduced a new dashboarding solution based on the New Relic One platform: faster, more responsive, and more flexible.

And those dashboard capabilities in New Relic One have only been getting better since then. More and more features have been added to reach feature parity with Insights. And since the release of New Relic One dashboards we have been able to introduce features Insights couldn’t support well, like:

As engineers, we know that all software eventually reaches the end of its useful life, and that time is upon us for New Relic Insights. The Insights web UI and native Insights mobile apps will reach end-of-life on April 12. (Note: The Insights dashboard API will end-of-life (EOL) in late July, but the details on that will be covered in a future post.).

How is that going to work?

Insights Web Transition

On April 12 we are going to redirect all Insights URLs to the corresponding dashboard in New Relic One, including data apps. The “Manage Data” page will still be available inside the “More” dropdown in New Relic One.

And, we continue to improve New Relic One dashboards. Here is a sampling of features we are working on today to improve the experience based on the feedback received:

  • Widget number formatters, which gives users power over the display of key KPIs (ex. - “How many 9’s in our SLO?”)
  • Improvements in concurrent editing to enable engineers working together.
  • Colour management improvements to reduce the amounts of similar colours, making dashboards more readable.
  • Overall performance improvements with reduction of assets size and smarter loading of widgets to reduce the loading time

Mobile App Transition

Similar to the web UI, the New Relic One mobile app has now gone beyond the Insights mobile app in terms of features. On April 11, 2021, the Insights mobile app will be deprecated and no longer supported. The great news is users will now have the convenience of a single mobile application for their observability needs.

In the coming days we’ll display a warning in the Insights Mobile App notifying users that the app is end-of-life with a friendly link to download the New Relic mobile app from the Google Play Store 2 or Apple App Store .

After April 11, the Insights Mobile App will be removed from the app stores, and the Insights Mobile App will ask users to use the New Relic mobile app instead with a direct link to the app store.

Insights Dashboard API Transition

Users quickly realize that a change in the UI is pretty easy compared to breaking changes in an API embedded in their code, and so do we. We made sure you don’t have to make any changes ahead of the UI upgrade on April 12. But you should prepare for the Insights dashboards API EOL in July by migrating to the new NerdGraph dashboards API. We are preparing a migration guide for affected teams to use well before the API is EOL’d at the end of July. More to come on that–and we will be sure to reach out directly to teams actively using the Insights dashboards API before any changes are made.


If you have any questions, have doubts, or you want to provide feedback you can check with your Customer Success Manager and/or with our Support engineers.


Will the Insights UI be available after April 12?

No. The Insights UI will not be available in any way or form. The same features are available in NR1 Dashboards.

What will happen with my embedded Charts?

Embedded Charts created in Insights will still be available and you can manage them from “Manage Data”. We are working on migration of those to New Relic One too! More on this soon.

I cannot upgrade to New Relic One dashboards because…

Contact your New Relic account team so they can share the feedback with us, and we can find a solution.

Will the Insights tvOS App be deprecated?

We have no plans to deprecate this at this time the Insights tvOS App. If and when we do, we will be sure to work with affected customers per our normal process.

Will the insights query api be deprecated?

No, only the Insights API to create dashboards, and that will not happen until the end of July.

Will the new Nerdgraph Dashboards API support pages?

Yes, the new Nerdgraph Dashboards API will support all the New Relic One dashboard features.

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This forced transition is very disappointing. New Relic Insights is the main product I use, and I was very happy that it hasn’t been migrated over to New Relic One yet, which is generally slower to load, and has awful URLs.

Also, the bar charts are far less useful in New Relic One. I can see less than half of the facets in New Relic One.



New Relic One:


I think there is a ways yet to go for “parity”. Please consider extending the lifetime of both the Insights dashboard and mobile app until the UX and performance issues have been more completely addressed.


Thanks for the heads-up, appreciate it.

Scalability is big for my use-case so I’d like to clarify the API aspect, if possible. Of the NR1 Dashboard features mentioned, do the following have API support?

  • Amend TV mode/page cycle.
  • Multiple queries per widget.
  • Manage multi-paged dashboards (already confirmed).

You don’t have to make any changes ahead of the UI upgrade… but you should prepare for the API EOL

I suppose further instructions regarding “preparation” will be released next week? To go back a step, is the new Nerdgraph Dashboards API designated for GraphiQL or REST API?

Out of curiosity, did you reach out to any clients in order to beta-test the upcoming features? There were a few volunteers—myself included—on this thread.

Thanks for your feedback.
We are working to improve overall performance and URLs.
The feedback on bar charts is very useful and we would review it and see if we can improve there before the date.

Please keep the feedback coming so we can improve the experience.


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The NR1 Dashboards API is a graphql api. We plan to release Wednesday next week.
TV mode settings is not in the API , but multi query, facet linking pages and all the new features that we will be releasing in the coming months will be there.

Yes, we tested the API with some customers before release and our entire product consumes the same API to make sure that everything that we build is supported by the API.

Thanks for your feedback


Yes, i’m not keen on migrating to the One, as it looks less appealing when it is used as a dashboard displayed on a big TV.

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Can you describe what is less appealing when displaying on a TV? Have you used TV Mode?

Is there a plan to add NR1 compatibility to the Insights AppleTV app?


  1. It can’t display NR1 queries like “SELECT sum(xxx), sum(yyy) FROM LoadBalancerSample TIMESERIES auto since 1 week ago facet label.Name”
  2. It can’t display NR1 widgets with custom heights…it seems to default to be taller than the TV screen height, which means you can only have 1 widget per column, and even then you have to scroll on the Apple TV remote to see the bottom

That said, I’m SUPER THANKFUL for the AppleTV app…it’s the only way I’ve found to reliably run Insights dashboards on TVs with the SSO auth on my NR account. These TVs run almost indefinitely without anyone touching them…all other methods stop working after a day and require user intervention…a non-starter for an information radiator.

Yes, the bars in the bar charts are less visible when viewed from a distance, as they are much thinner than in Insights. This is the same case for TV mode.

One more question. How far are you from the screens?

I assume there’ve been unexpected delays in the last week, or I’ve missed the big announcement?

Although, I do see a DashboardEntity in the GraphiQL Explorer.

I am about to publish it :). But yeah through nerdgraph you can already see the mutations

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Here you go: NR1 Dashboards Nerdgraph API is here

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Hi team,

I would really like to have better colours in charts before being forced to migrate.

I’ve posted this before but here goes again: my current dashboard has nice consistent colours, blue for this week, yellow for last week:

In the new style all colours are random and meaningless:

You don’t even need to make the colours customisable, you could use the same fixed colour palette (colour 1 = blue, colour 2 = yellow), just don’t make them random.

The feedback at the top of the thread regarding spacing of bar charts applies to me too. I would like to retain the same vertical density of bars.



The new Dashboards tab in New Relic One is awful relative to the existing data apps functionality. It periodically hangs and does not load statistics. The filter drop down so slow slow with our volume of metrics that it effectively makes it unusable.

Why are you continuing with these forced upgrades that are inferior?


Hi @paul74 and @bpoweski, we appreciate the feedback you have and we really do take it on board as we are always looking to improve.

I’ll make sure that @sgaliano is made aware of your thoughts!

Hi! As I said in my post we are looking into fixing colours. This feedback is great and we will use it as a use case for our work. Hopefully, I can give more news on this next month.


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Sorry for your bad experience and thanks for your feedback. I would like to know more about those “hangs” and charts not loading.
Do yo have a description on when those hangs happen? is it when you change tabs? or do you know how to reproduce it?

About the filter we are checking on how can we improve that experience prior to the upgrade.



Is Insight Event API is also deprecated by end of July?

Thank you !!!

No, that one will stay