Infrastructure Agent on Ubuntu 20.04

I’m curious if or when the Infrastructure agent will be supported on Ubuntu 20.04. We’ve been working on upgrading our servers to 20.04 and then realized the Infrastructure agent isn’t supported on 20.04.

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Hi @spike1,

We’ve brought this up with our product engineers, and are anticipating official support in the near future. In the meantime, the 18.04 package of the agent does seem to work without issue on 20.04. I’d recommend trying to install from the bionic repo until an official focal repo is made available.

Hey @sellefson,
there is still no 20.04 repo available


@hennadiy.verkh_apm Stepping in for @sellefson here to say I believe you are correct. I will follow-up though with our engineers to see if there is other information around this that can be shared.

Any updates on this? It’s October 2020, i was hoping i’d get to use your amazing services on my setup.

Hi @prateekvarma, I can confirm that it is on the roadmap but not able to share specifics around timeline for release. The above workaround by @sellefson should still work.

Unbuntu 20.04 is now supported -

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Hi @JoiConverse,

It looks like the agent is supported but using Puppet there don’t seem to be any inbuilt capability of managing the configurations for monitored services. The latest Puppet release was from March this year and does not include Ubuntu 20.04 in the list of supported OS.

When can we expect Ubuntu 20.04 support via Puppet?

@executive Sorry for my delay in responding. I’ll need to ask our team if there are any plans for that feature. Will let you know what I’m able to find out.

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