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Insights dashboard for Application health


While we have the APM dashboard that shows the status of each application in RAG status, we would like to have an insights dashboard that can show the status against each application. What is the NRQL query I can use for this?


Hi @ganesh1 - The RAG is based on a combination of factors, such as the Error rate, page response times, Apdex scores and alerts open against them.

What is it that you need to show and based on what information?


Would be happy to have just the RAG status based on Error rate and Page Response time.

If you can provide the NRQLs for both, we can project them individually on the dashboard for each application, so we know which factor is causing the RAG status.


Hi @ganesh1, do you mean the RAG status on the main APM dashboard that lists all applications?


Hey Douglas - Kind of what we have on APM, but we would like to have such info on a dashboard so that we can project it on a screen.


The RAG actually represents Alerts that are open against each application. Red for Critical violation, Amber for Warning Violation, Green with ? means there are no alert conditions applied to the app, and Green means no violations.

It’s not currently possible to recreate this in Insights, though that would be a great Feature Idea :slight_smile: