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Insights Data doesnt match our backend reporting


Hello - I am trying to build out a dashboard to provide a count of successful logins from our mobile app. Our login process has a series of 5 different calls that occur to validate and authenticate a user. The final step we call is to receive a configuration file for our user. Yesterday our backend reported 88,000 calls to this end point, but when I run a NRQL query for this endpoint New Relic reports ~15 calls to this endpoint. this makes 0 sense to us. Can somebody offer some insights into where the gaps are ?

(the other 4 urls report numbers that are closer in line to what we would expect, but still not exactly what we are seeing).

Thanks for the assistance


There are a lot of moving parts to that question. First, have you validated basic stuff like your query is correct, the time window is correct and you can make the application generate an insights event for that transaction by hitting that transaction yourself with a test?

To state the obvious… if everything is working correctly your insights data should be very close to the log data if both are in fact logging the same things. If its not happening we just need to find out where the issue lies.


If you could provide the NRQL that you are trying @Nathan.stryker, we may be able to see if it requires tweaking.


Hi 6MM -

Thanks for the reply, our login process has a number of calls (4 in total) I have used roughly the same query for the other calls and the numbers are lower than expected (20-30k instead of 50-60k) but closer. this call is returning less than 20 calls which makes no sense to me. I have validated the URL with our code to ensure I’m using the proper endpoint. @stafan_garnham The NRQL that I am using is:

SELECT count(requestUrl) FROM MobileRequest SINCE 1 DAY AGO COMPARE WITH 1 WEEK AGO WHERE requestUrl = ‘’ TIMESERIES

Do you see anything in that query that would cause issues?


I guess, first, I’d have to ask if you are relying on out of the box instrumentation or if you have added custom code to mark your transactions.

Sometimes, the out of the box instrumentation isn’t ideal.

Do one of these to see what you actually have for requestUrl.

SELECT count(*) FROM MobileRequest SINCE 1 DAY AGO facet requestUrl limit 1000

Do you also have the app monitored? Do you have correlating insights data in Transaction?

Sometimes a web call calls an app transaction and this wont show up in mobilerequest, but it will show up in the app.

Just some ideas. If I were sitting next to you it would be easier to poke around and see what you have.


Hey @Nathan.stryker - Has @6MM’s advice been helpful? Let us know if you still have questions.