Installing browser monitoring in Vue.js appplication

I have added the javascript code in the head tag of my Vue.js application. I have added it after meta tags and before any other script tags. Still, I am not able to get data on the NewRelic browser monitoring dashboard. The agent is shown if I check in the console of the index page on the browser using “”. I have followed the following links:

Hello Pratiks, thanks for reaching out to the community via our Explorers Hub!

I see you experienced some issues installing the Browser agent. Can you tell us what issues you experienced specifically, or what parts of the documentation you had trouble with?

Also, do you have a public-facing URL of the application that we could take a look at?

Many thanks!


Thank you @lelasmith for the reply. I had ad-block/tracking-protection enabled. It was preventing the js agent to send data back to newrelic. The issue has been solved. Thank you once again.

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