Installing memcached plugin (official newrelic)

As mentioned in the instructions, i first tried to install NPI

LICENSE_KEY=mykey bash -c “$(curl -sSL”

update - the above command is for x86 (my mistake), but even after installing the correct x64, my system still cannot recognize the npi commmand.

Results -

Setting default configurations
./npi: line 1: bin/node: No such file or directory
./npi: line 1: bin/node: No such file or directory
./npi: line 1: bin/node: No such file or directory
Successfully setup the New Relic Platform Installer!

And then when i do -

npi install com.newrelic.plugins.memcached

I get -

No command ‘npi’ found, did you mean:

Im, using ubuntu 14.04
Is there a bug?

any ideas?

Sorry to keep you waiting! I have a subject matter experts looking into this right now! Hang tight!

Hi @prateekvarma.

Thanks for your patience. The npi tool doesn’t get installed to the PATH. It is just downloaded to a directory where the install command is run. Is there a chance you are not in that directory?

If you cd into that directory and run ./npi available you should be able to confirm this.

Let me know!

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@seth In my root folder, i have “newrelic-npi” , and inside that i have a folder called “node-modules”, which have “async log4js minimist printf request tar.gz underscore unzip”

Could you tell me how can i know which path has it been installed in?
And once i reach that path, do i have to move it somewhere, or do something else?


@prateekvarma If you have a folder app and you install npi when inside of that folder that is where npi will create itself. You will have app/npi/. You can leave it there.

Now that you have npi installed, and you go to install memcached, you should be at the location /app when you run ./npi available or any other npi commands.

Make sense?

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