Internal error Code 22


I get an
INTERNAL ENGINE ERROR [717259/8b4b32c4-e71c-44b6-9421-0731dd53de54/2c6158f7-8942-403e-92d4-de22b3e9eca8] - code: 22
when my script clicks on an element. Code:

.then(() => {
logger.log(2, “clickElement Verwijderen”);
return $browser.waitForAndFindElement(By.xpath("(//a[contains(.,‘Verwijderen’)])[1]"), DefaultTimeout)
.then(function (el) {;


<div class="btn-group open" style="min-width: 65px;"><a class="btn btn-default" href="/photobooks/a181b7b8-5ee5-11ea-9e0c-74f8d06d847e/settings"><i class="fa fa-edit"></i><!-- react-text: 61 --> Open<!-- /react-text --></a><button type="button" class="btn btn-default dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="true"><span class="caret"></span><span class="sr-only">Toggle Dropdown</span></button><ul class="dropdown-menu"><li><a href="/photobooks/a181b7b8-5ee5-11ea-9e0c-74f8d06d847e/settings">Aanpassen</a></li><li><a href="">Kopie maken</a></li><li role="separator" class="divider"></li><li><a href=""> Verwijderen</a></li></ul></div>

Hey @beheer -

I see that you have a private support ticket opened as well here, I’ll leave it for the experts in the ticket to help you out there.

It would be awesome if you could share a link to the Synthetics Monitor in that ticket (which you can access here:

It would also be great if you could let us know back here what the solution to this is for you :smiley:


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Thanks for posting the link to the ticket. After I created the ticket there was no way to find it again.

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No problem @beheer - for future reference, all of your private support tickets should be available in your Inbox by logging in to :slight_smile:

The experts were unable to fix this bug. Or rather were “unable to commit on a timeline to resolve the issue”. So any ideas what I do now?

It looks like it’s with the development team as a bug right now.

The Support team have regular meetings with the dev team to determine and prioritise bug reports, so there’ll be further conversation on this, however we don’t yet have a timeline.

From what I could see, these Code 22 errors are only appearing on Script Validation, so for now you could go ahead saving without validation. I understand it’s not ideal, but maybe could work for you, for now.

Unfortunately, on validation I see the error, when I run it I don’t see it but it is still there. I know this because the action the click is supposed to trigger does not happen. The script simply does not work, without throwing an error.

Understood. I’ll get that context sent to the dev team.

Hello Ryan,

were there any findings from the dev team on this?
I am getting the same error. In a different thread you mentioned INTERNAL ENGINE ERROR - code: 3 being related to the docker not being able to create a container…

I’m wondering if this is something similar? perhaps a resource contention error?


@tris.maddox I’m going to step in for Ryan here since he is now on a different team at New Relic. Will see if there are anything to share and will get back to you soon :slight_smile:

Thank you Joi…much appreciated.

@tris.maddox I confirmed that our engineering team is still in process of working the details out on this error and possible fixes. Not the answer you wanted, I’m sure. Will update when there is more to share.