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Introducing New Relic's first GitHub Action: Deployment Markers


If you’re familiar with GitHub Actions and use them for orchestrating your CI/CD workflows, you can now automate adding deployment markers using the New Relic Application Deployment Marker GitHub Action.

Example usage:

# Add a New Relic application deployment marker on release
  - release

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Apply New Relic deployment marker
        uses: newrelic/deployment-marker-action@master
          apiKey: ${{ secrets.NEW_RELIC_API_KEY }}
          applicationId: <your application ID>
          revision: ${{ github.ref }}-${{ github.sha }}  
          region: US                                    
          accountId: <your New Relic account ID>         
          user: ${{ }}                                     

Note instead of using master for the version parameter of the action, you might want to specify a specific version such as newrelic/deployment-marker-action@v0.1.1 (latest version as of this post).