Is there a way to display other load time percentile ranks like 99th PR in the monitors list?


I would like to ask if there is a way to display different percentile ranks like 99th PR (other than 50th and 95th PRs) in the monitors list page (Synthetics>Monitors)? And as an additional question, is there also a way to flag a downtime/failure as maintenance so that the percentile ranks for our monitors can be recomputed whenever there is a failure due to site maintenance? Thanks!

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Hi @ray.ban - There is no way to change the percentiles on the Monitors page and that sounds like a feature request.

If you are using scripted Synthetics then take a look at my browser and api scripts for checking for maintenance windows.

Thanks @stefan_garnham. I’ll gladly look at your scripts and see if they can be applied to what I am trying to do.

Hi, @ray.ban: You may use Insights’ percentile function to view arbitrary percentile values for Synthetics monitors:

SELECT percentile(duration, 50, 70, 85) 
FROM SyntheticCheck 
FACET monitorName SINCE 1 week ago
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How can we get percentile data older than a week?

Hi, @Prasanna.Kaveti-v: You may purchase as much data retention as you need:

Can we get 75% data in APM?

Hey @Prasanna.Kaveti-v! Like @philweber mentions above, your data retention is connected to your New Relic subscription.

I would be happy to connect you with our Billing experts if you need to change your subscription is order to see more data.

Let me know! Hope to hear back soon. :blush: