Is there a way to keep getting failure notifications, if user misses the first failure notification

Are there any configuration changes a user can do to get failure notifications if he misses acknowledging the first failure?

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It sounds like you have your incident preferences set up to notify you by policy. With this configuration you’ll only receive a notification once, and only when an entire policy is violated. The incident will stay open until it is acknowledged and closed.

You’ll most likely want to have the user change his incident preferences to by condition or by condition and entity. These will send notifications every time a condition is violated rather than when the whole policy is violated.

You can find a great explanation of how incidents are opened and how to change the settings in this awesome Level Up post about Alert Incident Preferences.

Let me know if that answers your questions! If not feel free to leave more details and I’ll look into it further :slight_smile:


NewRelic Alerts product currently alerts only once per violation. May it be

  • By Policy
  • By Condition
  • By Entity and Condition

There is still not an option to forcefully send notifications until the violation is acknowledged. Still waiting for this feature to be rolled out!

You are correct @sarnathkj - and thanks very much for clarifying in this post. Congrats on your certification BTW!

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