Is there a way to Monitor FTP - SFTP? Ping test?

Is there a way to monitor FTP/SFTP? Possibly just monitor if the correct ports are open and working? I know there was a topic last updated in 2016 that stated this was in the works. Feature Idea: PING Tests For FTP?


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Anyone? Bump for good luck! @gjohnson @Fidelicatessen

Hi @xoibsurferx - Functionality within New Relic to do this automatically, no.

As a workaround, you could use the Infrastructure SDK to write an integration which would validate and pass the data to New Relic as custom events. Although you could use any solution to do so really. The choice is yours :wink:

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Hey @xoibsurferx

@stefan_garnham is right, there’s no out of the box solution for FTP and SFTP monitoring within Synthetics. The Infrastructure SDK is a good suggestion on building your own solution to integrate with New Relic for this monitoring info.

Has anyone done a successful workaround? Perhaps even using the Flex integration?

There are a couple of sample Flex Configs with SFTP capabilities here:

Do they help with what you need @jon46 ?

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This functionality is now available natively in Synthetics. Check out this post for more details - FTP, SFTP, LDAP, TCP, and SMTP Examples