Is there something that lists changes between versions for the PHP Agent

I’ve inherited a NewRelic installation on a legacy application and am trying to learn how to use it properly.

I’ve noticed that lots of things don’t seem to work properly - e.g. Session data is reported incorrectly, as are Browser identifiers.

Its finally dawned on my that perhaps our PHP agent isn’t up to date, and after digging around I found how to see what our agent version is, and there is another page which shows the latest version as: (we are several versions behind).

Is there something that lists the changes that have occured? I’d like to see if some of the errors I am seeing are down to an older version (and I will get it upgraded - although the 9.12 page seems to cover new installation vs. upgrading - so I’m hoping we can do this safely).


Hi Tim, You can review the updates for the PHP Agent here ->