[Java] agent @Trace annotation not working at all

Hi All,
I have a transaction with trace details. But after a certain point it says ‘Deeper visibility is not available…’
Therefore I annotated that method with @Trace annotation and restarted my server but nothing changes, still trace details is the same. (Checking with a new transaction after server restart)
What might be going wrong here?

Hello @oguz.karakus,

If transactions do not appear and you want to start a new transaction, include dispatcher=true with the @Trace annotation:

@Trace (dispatcher=true)
public void run() {
// background task

Hi @adahale, transaction is already there, I want to see it in more detail.
By the way I still tried the dispatcher=true option and it made no difference.
Is there any kind of logging that can give a hint on why annotation is disregarded?


As you mentioned you are able to see the transaction and would like to see more details around it,
the best way I would recommend here is using our Custom instrumentation editor which provides the flexibility of instrumenting methods through the NR UI itself from a thread dump generated after running a thread profiler.

Can you try removing the @Trace annotation from your code and check if the Custom instrumentation editor helps in instrumentation?