[Java] Enable distributed tracing


We followed instructions from "GitHub - newrelic/newrelic-istio-adapter: An Istio Mixer adapter to send telemetry data to New Relic. to install istio adaptor, but then there is not clear explanation how to enable distributed tracing,(default it is disabled), other than saying add below to helm charts, can you please advise where we need to add this snippet

  match: (context.protocol == "http" || context.protocol == "grpc") && destination.workload.name != "istio-telemetry" && destination.workload.name != "istio-pilot" && ((request.headers["x-b3-sampled"] | "0") == "1")
    - newrelic-span

@Krishna.Avala Looks like you have been working on this with our support team via at ticket. Once resolved if you have information that would be helpful for other community members regarding this issue please do come back and share :slight_smile:

support is not much helpful, they are saying enabling distributed tracing is experimental project, and they wont support

Unfortunately , we are unable to support open source resources like the Istio adapter.

I can see you are awaiting a response on another scenario, so hopefully they will be able to help.