[JAVA] Java agent distributed tracing across RabbitMQ

Is distributed tracing a good fit for this kind of interaction? Assuming I’ll have to explicitly make calls to include the trace context in the rmq message to be picked up by the consumer.

Also hoping to track down some situations where messages seem to get dropped or not requeued where the trace might eventually go stale. Will these traces just disappear out of the data, or they somehow be flagged?

Hello there jamartin,

Looks like you have some questions regarding enabling Distributed Tracing with RabbitMQ.

The ‘out of the box’ RabbitMQ instrumentation should auto-inject and auto-accept Distributed Tracing Payloads.

I do hope that helps to answer your questions.


Hi Giselle - thanks for the feedback. We are using agent version 5.11, so presumably distributed tracing is supported. Our apps are asynchronous, using vertx version 3.8.5, whose RabbitMQ client uses version 5.4.2 of the rmq java client under the covers.

I’ll be trying a first cut with distributed tracing this week sometime, and will be sure to post if I run into any issues.

Hi @Giselle,

I sent you a direct message with more of the technical details describing where the automatic agent instrumentation is not correlating service-to-service interactions and not capturing RabbitMQ messaging between apps.

Anything we find that may be of help to the community, I’m happy to post here, but for now, I think these problems may be specific to our implementation.


@jamartin, I believe @Giselle created a zendesk ticket (405614) on your behalf. We will work closely with you on that since we might need some information that cannot be shared publically. Please update this forum post once you have the issue resolved, this will help other users looking for insights on a similar case.


@mlavania: yes, the ticket is in process, and I’ll post here with anything I learn. Thank you!

@jamartin, thank you!

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