[Java] JFR using all disk space

Hey all,

We recently upgraded the agent to 7.1.1. This enabled JFR by default and we had an instance fill up 60GB (~100%) of disk with JFR data. How do we avoid this from happening again. Looking at the configuration settings: newrelic-jfr-core/README.md at main · newrelic/newrelic-jfr-core · GitHub, there doesn’t appear to be a size limit anywhere. Looking at the JFR docs directly: Running Java Flight Recorder, there does appear to be a size limit, but we’re not sure how to use it.

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We believe this overhead is caused by the Realtime Profiling with JFR feature that was turned on by default as of Java agent 7.1.0 but was available as of Java agent 7.0.0.
To remedy it please either upgrade to Java agent 7.1.1 which turns the feature off by default or simply disable the feature via one of the following methods detailed here:

Agent config yaml

    enabled: false

System property


Environment variable


We have a Github issue filed to investigate and address the issue which can be used to track progress. JFR feature causing excessive overhead when enabled · Issue #203 · newrelic/newrelic-jfr-core